I have started a new blog to more accurately reflect myself and what I want to post. I don’t want this blog to be just a recipe blog because really… that’s just boring. I will still focus mainly on posting recipes because I love creating new foods and sharing them with my friends but every once in a while do expect a post to be a little bit out of the ordinary. Gotta keep you on your toes!

With that said, I can move on to my other news!

I am going to challenge myself to be gluten-free (GF) for a month. Gluten-free (GF) seems to be all the rage right now; Safeway is even creating a whole shelf just for GF products! BUT that is not why I am doing it. For the past year or two I have had some digestive issues and lately, they have been acting up more than ever. I cannot finish a meal without feeling bloated and uncomfortable right away or within an hour or two. This honestly just leaves me feeling like crap and I hate it!

I tried cutting out dairy but didn’t notice too much of a difference so I am back to eating yogurt and cheese on occasion. I am not a big cheese fiend, unless it’s brie or goat cheese and I only have those as a treat on occasion, so luckily staying away from cheese is easy for me. I also no longer drink cows milk. Only soy or almond milk with almond milk being my favourite.

I know this will be a challenging month for me as I will have to leave behind some of my favourite foods like The Roost’s Dark Russian Rye bread and Safeway’s Cinnamon Pecan Sticky Buns. Seriously, Safeway’s sticky buns are the bomb! They are better than all the fancy bakery versions I have tried, and that’s a lot. I am a self-proclaimed cinnamon-bun snob so trust me, they really are that good! Go and enjoy one for me!

Not only will I have to leave behind some of my favourite foods, it is hard to find food that is truly GF. A lot of food is processed in facilities that also process wheat, thus there is contamination. For example, your typical Quaker oats are not GF even though oats are. Yay for $9 bags of oats… My morning shakes (USANA Nutrimeal) are also made without gluten but of course processed in a facility where wheat is present. I still haven’t decided whether or not I will still use them during this challenge but will update as I go.

This challenge will force me to be a bit more creative in the kitchen and I am actually kind of excited about it. GF Oats and quinoa will be my best friends! ❤ I already have plans for savory oatcakes that will hopefully replace my craving for bread and toast. Stay tuned!!

Question of the day: Have you tried to go Gluten-free before and what are your tips & tricks?