Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ganache

In preparation for our Sundaes on Sunday tomorrow at work (it’s our last day for this term :() I made peanut butter and dark chocolate ganache tonight to bring and I am currently in a food coma. You better believe that multiple *tast testing* spoonfuls were consumed. I of course had to make sure I wouldn’t poison the coworkers… 🙂 The ganache was also consumed by spooning it over a piece of frozen banana and perhaps half a GF peanut butter chocolate chip cookie… AMAZINGGGG

I can’t wait to use some on top my Overnight Oats tomorrow morning and for our DIY Sundaes. Thank goodness, I went for a long run the other day!! PB and chocolate over load. Wait is that possible..?!

This recipe is sadly not my own, but still amazing and from one of my favourite blogs to follow, Oh She Glows. The only changes I made were to leave out the maple syrup and vanilla (I think chocolate is sweet enough on its own!)

Perhaps next time I will make dark chocolate hazelnut ganache. Any nutella lovers out there?