Seeing as January is almost over, my goals for 2012 are long overdue. I always find goals a motivating force me. As soon as I put something in writing, it becomes a reality for me and I know I must accomplish it, or at very best, attempt to accomplish it. I feel I did a good job on accomplishing the goals I set out for myself last year and I can’t wait to improve!

1) Run a half marathon. Last year I was able to run two 10 km races for the first time! I kept up with my running during the fall, but I can’t wait to start training for this race!

2) Get my group fitness certification. Although it was my intent to finish this certification last year, I ran into certain road blocks and never registered for the course. This summer I plan on finishing it.

3) Blog more consistently. I find that I blog in spurts. For instance, when I am on vacation (Christmas), or bored (Christmas). I always get great ideas for posts while I am running, but by the time I am home I am too exhausted to post. Plus, I tend to eat the same foods over and over… lol. Perhaps my next goal should be to cook more intricate meals; however, I know that with my limited time, that is not an Attainable goal.

Remember goals are supposed to be SMART! 

4) Teach people how to cook with healthy ingredients. Cooking is one of my passions. I love mixing it up in the kitchen. It comes so naturally to me that I forget that others don’t know how. I want to share my knowledge through my blog or in person!

5) Go to New York! My brother currently lives in NY and before that, in Kingston, ON. I always told him, “Ry, I will come out to the east coast when I have some time or money!, ” but the chance never occurred. Ry and Kate, this year I will do it. Broke or not – I will come out. Let’s do it!

These are my goals and I am sticking to them! I may add more as the year progresses, but these are my main ones. I look forward to the rest of 2012 because, honestly, January has not been my month. It never is. February, please appease my taste buds and make this girl a very happy one 🙂

Thanks mucho,

Lauren (A very proud supporter of 2012, and it’s bountiful glory 🙂 hahah)