Whenever “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey comes on, I can’t help but get excited. It doesn’t matter whether I am listening to it while on a run, at my desk writing a paper, or walking home – all I want to do is turn the volume on high, lip sync my heart out and fist pump. But not Jersey Shore style – more air guitar, with a finger dance included.

If you know me well, you will know the finger dance comes out when the “good” songs are played. I can’t help it. Side note: I’m holding the Pabst for a friend. 🙂

This post was 100% inspired by “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey coming on my computer while typing away. I got too excited not to write about it. Random – Yes. Awesome – Yes. Back to work – Booooo.

Now I am going to go listen to Levels by Avicii because it is my go-to “focus” song.

Happy Thursday!!

P.S. I totally want Steve Perry’s shirt from this video. Yellow leopard. Meoowwwww.