This long weekend consisted of a stay-cation or shall I say raft-cation. It was hot, hot, hot in Calgary and the only way to beat-the-heat was by pumping up the Adrenaline. Check out the ride.

Adrenaline aka Hot Ride

Everybody on the river was jealous…  Except for when we started to mildly deflate and were running into the trees on the sides. What we lacked in paddling skills, we made up for in comedy though.


Prior to one of our floats Kelly and I completed a VERY hot and sweaty 14 km run, which was gladly rewarded with a cold margarita at Julios Barios. I need to run 14 km more often…

Post 14 km run. Can’t beat a margarita!

And of course, I couldn’t round out the weekend without a delicious concoction such as this. Steamed brussel sproats with goat cheese is turning into an obsession of mine and nothing beats tomatoes topped with pesto – and of course more goat cheese. For those hot summer nights, this easy meal was a breeze.

Goat Cheese Galore

Hope you had a good long weekend!